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成都工业学院2020国际学生招生简章(本科生)Chengdu Technological University (CDTU) Enrollment Guide for International Students (Bachelor Programs)

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Chengdu Technological University (CDTU) Enrollment Guide for International Students

(Bachelor Programs)


一、成都工业学院Brief Introduction to CDTU


Chengdu Technological University (CDTU), held by the People’s Government of Sichuan Province, is a public full-time undergraduate University. CDTU is one of the Vice President Units of National Application-oriented University Alliance and President Unit of Sichuan Provincial Application-oriented University Alliance. CDTU has always insisted on the education mode of Integration of Production, Education, and Research and paid close attention to students’ ability of learning, practice and creativity. Approved by Ministry of Education, CDTU is proud of having 3 National-level Training Bases (Electromechanical Engineering, Numerical Control Technique and Automobile Detection & Maintenance ) and 3 Provincial Key Labs (Molding , Electric Processing laboratories and UAV Control System Application and Technology) and 2 Provincial Philosophy and Social Sciences Research Center (on Sociology and Education of Sexuality and UAV Industry Development Research Center). CDTU has attached much importance to international cooperation. It has conducted extensive exchange and cooperation with countries and regions like Canada, Germany, Ireland, UK, the U.S., New Zealand, Taiwan Region and Hong Kong Region. Each year, we have chosen many outstanding teachers and students to study abroad as visiting scholars and exchange students. The university has set up special scholarship to sponsor students’ study-abroad. During the past several years, the one-time employment rate of the graduates remains at above 95%, ranking among the best of the engineering universities in Sichuan.

二、招生专业(中文授课)Programstaught in Chinese)

(一)电子信息工程Electronic Information Engineering


Electronic Information Engineering Program highlights students’ hands-on ability cultivation, and it aims to cultivate primary-level application-oriented technicians with favorable quality and innovation ability. After graduation, the students in this program can work as electronic engineer, circuit engineer, embedded software development and test engineer, hardware engineer, software engineer and communication engineer.

(二)国际商务International Business


International Business Program consists of two specialized directions: Cross-border E-commerce and Retail Commerce. It aims to cultivate application-oriented international talents who can engage in the fields of business management, cross-border e-commerce, retail commerce, freight forwarding, insurance declaration and other related work in foreign-related enterprises, e-commerce companies and various foreign trade agencies.

(三)物流管理Logistics Management


Logistics Management Program was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2019 as the first batch of National First-class Undergraduate Programs. It has formed two specialized directions of Supply Chain Logistics and International Logistics. It aims to cultivate students’ abilities of practical problems-solving in the fields of logistics management of industrial and commercial enterprises, operation and management of logistics enterprises, and other adjacent positions.

三、学习年限Duration of study

4年4 years

四、申请人资格Applicant's Qualification


Non-Chinese nationality, physically and mentally healthy


Holding high school diploma or equivalent or above


PassingHSK 4 or above


Under 25 years old

五、收费标准(人民币:元/学年)Charges (RMB: yuan/ Academic year)








Physical Examination














The fees of text books, study supplies and bed necessaries are not included.

六、申请材料Application Documents

(一)《成都工业学院外国学生来华学习申请表》Chengdu Technological University Application Form for International Students

(二)最高学历证书复印件Academic diploma: A photocopy of the applicant’s latest academic diploma or certificate

(三)成绩单复印件:本人最高学历成绩单Academic transcript: A photocopy of academic record of the latest academic diploma or certificate

(四)最高学历公证书,需由中国驻申请者所在国使(领)馆出具Highest degree notarization, which must be issued by the local Chinese Embassy or Consulate General

(五)申请人护照复印件Photocopy of applicant’s passport

(六)申请人紧急联系人的身份证复印件A photocopy of the ID of the applicant’s emergency contact

(七)汉语水平考试四级及以上成绩单复印件A photocopy of HSK 4 or above certificate

(八)《外国人体格检查记录》结果Foreigner Physical Examination Result

(九)无犯罪记录证明No Criminal Record

(十)经济担保声明Financial Guarantee Statement


(一)成都工业学院国际学生奖学金CDTU International Students Scholarship


First-class: Tuition and accommodation fees are waived for one academic year.


Second-class: Tuition is waived for one academic year.


Third-class: Tuition is half waived.

八、入学申请Admission Application


Visit the website of International Office of CDTU (http://wsb.cdtu.edu.cn/bszn.htm) to download CDTU Application Form for Foreign Students to Study in China and Foreigner Physical Examination Record


Fill CDTU Application Form for Foreign Students to Study in China with genuine signature


Finish physical examination in local public health institution according to the requirement of Foreigner Physical Examination Record. The health report will be invalid if there’s any missing item, no photo of the applicant, missing the signature of doctor. The applicant should fix the date of examination for the result with a validity period of 6 months.


Prepare other required application materials, and submit the scanning copies of all the documents to IO of CDTU via e-mail. E-mail: wsb@cdtu.edu.cn


The qualified applicants will be sent with Admission Letter and Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China one or two months earlier before academic term begins.


Applicants should bring the Admission Letter, Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China and Foreign Physical Examination Record to the Chinese embassy to apply for the visa.


Ps: The materials will not be returned if the applicant is admitted or not.

九、奖学金申请Scholarship Application

(一)登录成都工业学院外事办公室网站(http://wsb.cdtu.edu.cn/bszn.htm)下载专区,下载并填写《成都工业学院国际学生奖学金申请表》;Visit the website of International Office of CDTU (http://wsb.cdtu.edu.cn/bszn.htm) to download CDTU International Students Scholarship Application Form.

(二)准备本人最高学历成绩单Academic transcript: A photocopy of academic record of the latest academic diploma or certificate


Any other supportive documents, like Certificate of Awards & Honors or HSK certificate. (All of the certificates should be obtained in the past two years.)

十、重要时间窗Important Time Window

(一)申请截止时间Deadline of Application:6月15日June 15

(二)入学时间Admission Date:10月中旬Mid-October


成都工业学院外事办公室International Office of CDTU


Address: No.1, Section 2, Zhongxin Avenue, Pidu district, Chengdu, Sichuan, China.


电话Phone:+86-28-87992253; +86-28-87992219




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